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A compilation of contemporary protest songs including many written and recorded specially for this release!


Luke Jackson – Forgotten Voices
Mark Chadwick – No Change
Emily Barker – Doing the Best I Can
Moulettes – Lullaby
Lucy Ward – Bigger Than That
The Jamie Freeman Agreement – Homes For Heroes
The Self Help Group – Funeral Drum
Dreaming Spires – Follow The Money
The Mountain Firework Company – Filthy Lucre
Phil Jones – New Homes
O’Hooley & Tidow – The Hum
Will Varley – The Sound Of The Markets Crashing
Chris T-T – A-Z
Plumhall – Never Forget My Name
Grace Petrie – If There’s a Fire in Your Heart
Danni Nicholls – A Little Redemption

Various Artists - Land Of Hope & Fury

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